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Matthew Daniel - The Betrayal Of An Immortal Day Dreamer - [Butterfly Jazz Label]

The Betrayal Of An Immortal Day Dreamer is an Hip-Hop/Rap instrumental iTunes album released 11th December 2015 by UK producer and owner of Butterfly Jazz Label, Matthew Daniel. He promotes his own music with the help of international radio stations that support Soul, Jazz, NuSoul, Hip-Hop, Rare Grooves and other genres. He is a Welsh musician from London and with this interesting first debut album release he hopes to pave the way for his label with forthcoming releases by solo artists Choyce Love, Zulema Cheek and MC Bakdraft.

It features collaborations with the likes of Lina, Paul Ewing, Linda Muriel Of Afro'Symphony, Jevon Reynolds and eclectic/soulful instrumentals.

Please visit the website pages to find out more information on what Radio stations you can hear Butterfly Jazz Labels music on and more info about current projects.

Matthew Daniel - The Personification of Soul - [Butterfly Jazz Label]

The Personification of Soul is a soulful experience recommended by The Love Jones Experience Radio Host Goddess Jones from Atlanta, US and other neo-soul fans. Please check it out and find more collaborations with the likes of Rachel Huggins, Rozaya Hopkins, Zulema Cheek and more.

SOULMATIC E.P By MD Featuring Lina [Butterfly Jazz Label]

SOULMATIC by MD his production name, and E.P is another collaboration between the two, Lina, a Multi-Grammy Nominated Recording Artist from Dallas, Texas who recorded MD's own track. Look out for more from Lina and MD.

Soul Personified Featuring Linda Muriel Of Afro'Symphony [Butterfly Jazz Label]

This special song will eventually be available to download via iTunes. Look out for the co-produced & co-written track with Linda Muriel & David Shafe' of Afro'Symphony & Matthew Daniel of Butterfly Jazz Records (Single).