New Releases - 2015/2016 - Butterfly Jazz Recordings | Zulema Nakinda | "Urban Symphony" Album

Butterfly Jazz Recordings UK Artist from Central New Jersey, Zulema Nakinda Cheek is getting ready for her forthcoming album with English Pianist and Music Producer, Matthew Daniel under the newly launched Butterfly Jazz label launched 7th September 2015. Since collaborating, Matthew Daniel & Zulema Nakinda Cheek produced a Soulful House song which she had written and arranged vocally called Just One In A Million which got a release in 2013. After the release of this song, they collaborated again on Butterfly Jazz Recordings collaborations album "The Personification of Soul" composed and written by Matthew Daniel a soul and jazz musician from London, UK. 


Zulema lent her voice to Matthew's (aka MD) The Personification of Soul tracks "Living Life (With Meaning)", "You're No Friend Of Mine", "Distance" and her forthcoming album "Urban Symphony" with up to 15-16 brand new tracks from track producer Matthew Daniel. 


This album will be mixed and mastered for a iTunes release during 2016 as Zulema Nakinda Cheek's debut album "Urban Symphony" with the assistance of Digital Soul & Jazz & Experimental label Butterfly Jazz Recordings, who will  be responsible for handling Press, Radio Nationally & Internationally as well as tastemakers and specialist radio deejay's.


Please email Matthew to get in touch about the latest project from Zulema Nakinda Cheek:

New Releases - 2015/2016 - Butterfly Jazz Recordings | Choyce Love & Uncle Jake's Music Group | "Special Notes" Album

Butterfly Jazz Recordings UK Choyce Love is also getting ready for a digitally mastered release for iTunes with English Pianist, and Music Producer, Matthew Daniel. Choyce Love originally from New York City who now lives in Charlotte, NC, joins Butterfly Jazz Records Neo-Soul Artist Roster of unique vocalists, song writers and producers who are from the forefront of the international Soul & Jazz music scene. 


This specialist Nu-Soul artist is excited to be co-producing with her long term producer Jake Carter and newly recruited musician Matthew Daniel who will be making a live Nu-Soul record for Neo-Soul fans worldwide who feel a need to keep LIFE MUSIC alive, here is where they can find it. 


"Special Notes" will be Choyce Love's full length debut album with UK label Butterfly Jazz from founder Matthew Daniel, who has produced several tracks and co-written with Choyce Love. 


Jake Carter is a extraordinary mult-talented musician who plays guiter, keyboard, drums, produces, sings and is a member of 90's New Jack Swing Group (who will be re-uniting) JOE PUBLIC and as a solo musician his credits are highly impressive from making music with Jay-Z, Tyrese and Keith Sweat. The Nu-Soul Music collective will be working hard, writing new material since Choyce Love's digital single releases "Twilight" and "Keep It Moving" that are both catchy and soulful. 


Butterfly Jazz Records UK is extremely excited to be responsible for the Radio & Promotions Publicity of Choyce Love's "Special Notes" LP release. Please visit or email for more details.

Available to Download

MD - The Personification of Soul 

Digital Album on bc £11


Review by jms sonicsoul


The man has big plans. And has got off with "Personification of Soul" a promising start. On its own label here Gibt's an inviting blend of contemporary sound Soul and Jazz umganglichem, occasional influences from neighboring World- and Pop - regioins, which belongs to the radio deal sometimes with real hit potential ("Blank Page") equip. Click here for review.


MD - Soulmatic

Digital Album on bc £2


Review by jms sonicsoul


Matthew is now Matt and as such it gives us soon on its own butterfly Jazz Label the second part of his soul-jazz pop variations. After "Personification Of Soul" So now " Soul Matic" and thus again new sounds and grooves from London , enriched with carefully selected vocal guests from ovesreas. "Joy" is a first expert from the new album, Lina spread her voice over a very sparingly arranged Schleicher - beat with piano accompaniment, almost casually, but with that certain touch of something special. Click here for review.

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